Stock Purchase Agreement Significado

c) contributions. The full payment of all amounts required by the company under current legislation or as part of a staff performance plan or agreement relating to a performance plan of the company in which the company participates must have been paid as a contribution at the time of this agreement. The Company has made sufficient provisions for reserves in the financial statements to fulfill contributions that have not been made because they are not yet due under the terms of a personnel performance plan or related agreements. „staff performance plan,” all intervention plans covered in Section 3, paragraph 3, ERISA and all bonuses; Rights of stock options, purchase of shares, stock valuation, limited shares, Phantom Stocks, Incentives, deferred compensation, health insurance, disability or life, cafeteria, disability, disability, administrators or employees, ancillary benefits, sabbaticals, supplementary retirements, severance pay or other benefit plans, programs or agreements, and all terms of employment, termination, severance or other contract , were supported, supported or agreed, for the benefit of employees, former employees, independent contractors or company representatives. Enter the number of shares held by the seller. If the seller owns 100% of the stock, this recital may be amended to say: „The seller owns all the common shares issued and outstanding, no par value per share (the „Samtadannaktie” company), of the company (these common shares are called „shares”). A lawyer can help formulate the applicable text for any other property assistance. „contract,” with respect to a party, agreement, contract or other binding, written or oral (including any modification or other modification) in which it participates or is bound by other means. 2.2. Purchase price. The aggregate purchase price payable to the seller in exchange for the sale of the shares (the „purchase price”) is equal to $1 per share. Share purchase contracts can be used in all cases where one person or company sells shares to another.

Agreements are most used when the shares in question are transferred to companies in two different countries under two different legal systems or when the shares are sold outside a standard trading platform or a stock exchange. „investment”: (a) any direct or indirect participation, the acquisition or acquisition of bonds, commitments, instruments, capital stock, options, warrants, securities or holdings (including partnership and joint venture interests) of another person and (b) any similar capital inflows or obligations of another person.