Training Services Agreement Template Uk

6.1 When training is provided on the company`s website, all delegates must comply with and comply from time to time with the Health and Safety Directive, as defined by the company. Violations of this directive may result in the suspension of the delegate or his exclusion from the course and premises. 2.1 The start date of the contract is either the date the company accepts payment for training services or when it receives a formal mandate from the client to provide training services. The earliest date is defined as the start date of the contract. 3.1 If the training is not theoretical or in class, delegates, if agreed in advance by the company, must provide their own suits, protective helmets, protective gloves, protective shoes, waterproof clothing, goggles/visor, ear protectors and/or other personal equipment necessary to conduct the course. It is the responsibility of delegates to ensure that they are aware of the equipment they must provide personally, and the company assumes no responsibility for preventing delegates from participating in a training program due to equipment defects or omissions. 9. Limitation of liability 9.1. Clause 9 defines the total financial responsibility of one of the parties (including possible liability for acts or omissions of its employees, agents, advisers and subcontractors) vis-à-vis the other contracting party with respect to: 9.1.1.

Any violation of this agreement; 9.1.2. Any use of the Services by the Customer or User, as well as any insurance, declaration or omission or omission (including negligence) arising from or in connection with this Agreement. 9.2. All guarantees, conditions and other conditions under the law or common law are excluded from this agreement, as far as the law allows. 9.3. Nothing in this agreement limits or excludes liability for the contracting parties: 9.3.1. Death or injury due to negligence or 9.3.2. damages or liabilities resulting from fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation 9.4. Subject to paragraphs 9.2 and 9.3: 9.4.1. none of the Contracting Parties is responsible for: or Loss of business or

Loss of expected savings or losses, costs, damages, costs or specific, indirect, consecutive or purely economic expenses. 9.4.2. The overall liability of each contracting party for contractual royalties, indecision (including negligence or breach of legal obligations), misrepresentation, restitution or any other means related to the enforcement or enforcement of the agreement may not exceed the net tax paid or payable for the Services for a period of 12 months prior to the liability in question. 9.5. If Hays is prevented or delayed by an act or omission by the Client, its representatives, subcontractors, advisors or employees, if the performance of its obligations under this Agreement is prevented or delayed, Hays will not be held liable for any costs, costs or losses incurred or incurred by the Customer directly or indirectly resulting from such inseurability or delay. 3.3. The buyer acknowledges that FLR reserves the right to deny the student training if a learner arrives late for a course or does not participate in a session, if FLR decides at its sole discretion that the learner does not obtain sufficient knowledge or skills during the remaining time.