When Employment Contract Expired But Still Working: Another Way to Say We Are in Agreement

In the world of legal agreements, there are various aspects that need to be taken into consideration. From joint songwriting agreements to consultancy agreements for construction, each type of contract serves a specific purpose. However, what happens when an employment contract expires but the employee continues to work? Is there another way to say we are in agreement?

In a recent case involving an expired employment contract, the employer and employee found themselves in a unique situation. According to the contract for legal services example, the employee’s contract had officially expired. However, both parties continued to work together without signing a new agreement. This situation raised the question – does a written contract supersede an oral contract?

The employer, inspired by the Unifor agreement in Regina, believed that the oral agreement to continue working after the contract expiration was just as valid as a written agreement. They argued that their actions and the employee’s continued work demonstrated their mutual understanding and commitment to the terms of employment. In other words, they found another way to say they were in agreement.

On the other hand, the employee, referring to the Inter Club Agreement of 1996, believed that without a signed contract, the terms of employment were uncertain. They argued that the expired contract should be strictly followed, and any changes or extensions should be formalized in writing. They emphasized the importance of clear and documented agreements.

This case brings to light an interesting dilemma in contract law. While written contracts are generally considered the standard and provide clear guidelines for parties involved, oral agreements and actions can sometimes carry significant weight. It highlights the importance of open communication and understanding between employers and employees.

In the end, the employer and employee decided to resolve their situation by drafting a withdrawal agreement that outlined the terms of their continued working relationship. This agreement served as a bridge between the expired contract and any potential future agreements.

This case demonstrates that even when an employment contract expires, there can be another way to say we are in agreement. It emphasizes the need for flexibility and adaptability in the ever-changing world of employment relationships. As circumstances evolve, employers and employees must find creative solutions to ensure a harmonious working environment.

Whether it’s through the inspiration of existing agreements or the creation of new ones, finding common ground in the absence of a formal contract is possible. It represents the essence of cooperation and understanding between parties, even in legal matters.

Published on: 2022-06-15