Toyota Lease Agreement Online

9. Your Privacy Options. If you are a TMCC financial or leasing customer, you may have certain data protection options in accordance with applicable federal and state data protection laws. To learn more about your privacy options, please see the Customer Privacy Policy sent to you, or read the My Privacy tab in the My Profile section of the website or call us at 1-888-717-9248. If you are based in California, you may have additional rights under California law. Please read section 16. To give you more information on how your personal data may be transmitted to the aforementioned third parties, please see the table below, which contains more details on the categories of personal data that may be transmitted to the different categories of third parties: 2. Online billing. Photos of your bank accounts are available on our website as part of your online account services. Please note, however, that our decision to provide you with this information is solely voluntary and does not indicate that TMCC is doing so, as required by the CCPA or any other legal obligation to do so. Therefore, TMCC reserves the right to determine, at its discretion, the amount and nature of the information we will provide to you in the future or how it will respond to data protection requests that you may provide to us. For the purposes of this Section, „personal data” means information that identifies, references, describes, can reasonably be associated with a particular consumer or household in California or that could reasonably be associated with it directly or indirectly. .

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